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Are Email Newsletters Worth It?

Email newsletters remain one of the best marketing strategies in terms of ROI.

Email newsletters are a type of content marketing, using email as a communication channel to notify customers and prospects of new deals, new content, and other important announcements. They’ve been a staple of the online marketing world for many years, but are they worth the time, money, and effort you’ll spend on them?

Benefits of Email Newsletters

There are many advantages to using email newsletters, including:

  • Content promotion. One of the best features of email newsletters is their ability to promote content. Whether you’re advertising new blogs, whitepapers, or press releases about your brand, newsletters can spread the word.
  • Deals and specials. This is also one of the best mediums for advertising deals and specials, since these people have already expressed an interest in your brand.
  • Immediate calls to action (CTAs). Depending on the format of your email newsletter, you may be able to include direct calls to action (CTAs) to motivate actions like downloads or purchases.
  • Brand visibility and memory. Recurring newsletters keep your brand top of mind with your prospects and existing customers.
  • List segmentation. Thanks to list segmentation, you can send different types of messages to different types of customers.
  • Guidance through the sales funnel. With an appropriate drip campaign, you can guide prospects through the sales funnel, eventually turning them into full-fledged customers (and following up with them once they make a purchase).

Costs of Email Newsletters

So what about the costs? This is where email newsletters really start to shine. Email newsletters are remarkably inexpensive and easy to manage. You’ll spend almost nothing generating a list from scratch (though it will take some time), and many email marketing management platforms are free to use.

Accordingly, this makes email newsletters “worth it” by almost every measure. They have enormous potential to improve your brand visibility and earn you more conversions, and they cost next to nothing to maintain.

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