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How Soon Is Too Soon to Start Holiday Marketing?

Is it ever too soon to start marketing for the holidays?

We’re currently nearing the end of October, and already, online retailers and other businesses have started ramping up their advertising for the Christmas season. But is it too early to start rolling out these strategies and promotions, or is the timing just right?

The Advantages of an Early Start

Starting your marketing campaign early isn’t just about extending the period in which you can capture new sales. It’s also about:

  • Establishing a brand connection. The more frequently people see your brand name associated with a holiday, the more closely they’ll intertwine the two ideas. Start early and repeat it often, and pretty soon people won’t be able to think of the holiday without also thinking about your brand.
  • Building domain authority and keyword relevance. It takes time to build keyword relevance and domain authority for search engine rankings. Starting a few months ahead of time is the only reliable way to build your page rankings in time for the real holiday shopping season.
  • Adequate time to prepare. Starting early is a sensible way to make sure you have enough time to truly develop your strategies. It’s a simple perk, but an important one to note.
  • Running an early test. Early holiday marketing helps you gauge the wants and needs of your target audience, so you can shift the strategy if need be before it’s too late.
  • Getting a leg up on the competition. Though it definitely contributes to the “Christmas creep” effect, starting your marketing campaign just a bit earlier helps you get a serious leg up on the competition.

Of course, not all businesses will benefit from starting their holiday marketing strategy early, and not all businesses need a holiday-centric theme in their marketing. But if you’re interested in getting an early start for your holiday marketing this year, contact us today!

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