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How Thought Leadership Can Make You a Better Content Marketer

Thought leadership can improve your content marketing approach.

If you want your content to reach more people, or land with more authority, consider becoming a thought leader. A thought leader is someone who exhibits expertise and authority in a specific field, “leading” the industry by introducing new ideas and influencing the opinions and actions of others.

Obviously, becoming a thought leader is easier said than done. But if you can become truly respected and admired in your field, all your content will instantly become more valuable. You’ll find better connections, where you can publish your content in more visible publications. You’ll have a bigger and more loyal audience, increasing the reach of your material. And your readers and followers will take everything you have to say more seriously.

The question is, how can you become a thought leader?

  • Develop your profiles. First, spend some time developing your profiles on social media and as a guest author on major publications. Write about your experience, and what makes you an expert in this subject. When people research you, it should be obvious why you’re a leader.
  • Work with other thought leaders. Improve your reputation by association. Work with other thought leaders by engaging in interviews, developing content together, or attending conferences together. The more partnerships you’ve had, the better.
  • Publish great content. This should go without saying, but write and publish great content. Spend effort developing amazing pieces, even if it means writing less overall. You need to make an impact with what you’re writing, and publish it in high-visibility channels.
  • Introduce controversy and new ideas. Don’t repeat the same clichés. Instead, introduce genuinely new ideas to your field, and don’t be afraid to take some controversial stances. In many cases, controversy will only serve to make you more visible.
  • Engage with your audience. Finally, stay engaged with your audience. Your readers will be more loyal and think more highly of you as a result.

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