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How to Diagnose a Low Conversion Problem

Diagnosing a low conversion problem is your first step to fixing it.

Conversions are the lifeblood of most websites, representing people who buy your products, sign up for your services, or otherwise go from being ordinary visitors to interested leads and customers. If you aren’t getting many conversions from a landing page, or from your site overall, it could stagnate your growth.

The question is, how are you supposed to go about fixing it?

The first step is to perform a diagnosis. If you aren’t getting many conversions, it means something is wrong with your strategy, but with so many variables in play, it can be hard to detect a root cause.

Step One: Test Functionality

Your first step is a simple one: check to make sure your website is working properly. If web users aren’t able to access your content, or if they can’t submit a form, or if it takes too long to load your web pages, it’s going to seriously hinder your conversion rate. Thankfully, these are usually small problems that are easy to fix with the right developer.

Step Two: Evaluate Your Offer

Every conversion is an exchange. It might be your customers paying money in exchange for a product, or your prospects volunteering an email address in exchange for a premium piece of content. Either way, if the value isn’t in your visitors’ favor, they aren’t going to convert. Use surveys and analysis to determine the balance.

Step Three: Analyze Your Traffic

People outside your target demographics aren’t going to convert, so analyze the types of people coming to your website. What channels are attracting them? What demographics do they belong to? Is this your most profitable niche?

Step Four: Address Design and Wording

If there are no problems with the above considerations, your low conversion rate is likely due to your design, CTA placement, or wording. Experimentation through AB testing is your best approach to resolve these issues.

Chances are, there are multiple factors influencing your low conversion rate. Through measurement, analysis, and experimentation, you should be able to put a better landing page in place. If you’re interested in a free analysis of your website (including your current conversion rate), contact Quez Media today!

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