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How to Facilitate Creativity in Your Marketing Team

Higher creativity means more unique, effective marketing ideas.

One of the secrets to a successful marketing and advertising campaign is creativity. Thinking outside the box, experimenting with new angles, and challenging previous assumptions can help you break new ground—whether that means using a new channel or updating your brand image.

If you want your marketers to bring this creative energy to your campaigns, you need to create an environment that facilitates creativity. How do you do this?

  • Hire and cultivate a diverse team. First, try to hire a diverse team of marketers. Choose people from a variety of backgrounds, with a diverse range of different skills and experiences. If everyone on your team thinks and works the same way, there will be no room for creativity.
  • Encourage reading and absorbing new sources. Next, make sure all your team members are reading and getting ideas from a wide variety of different sources. Encourage them to look at other advertising campaigns, designs, and news sources for inspiration.
  • Allow flexibility. Different people cultivate ideas and work in different ways; you can capitalize on this if you allow more flexibility on your team. Consider allowing people to work different hours, work in different environments, and make other workplace adjustments as needed to provide their best work.
  • Reward great ideas. When someone on your team comes up with a great idea, particularly a novel one, reward it. Consider giving bonuses, raises, or other perks to people who have shown exceptional creative thinking. It’s a great way to incentivize further creative thinking.
  • Experiment. Finally, make the room to experiment with different channels and tactics. If you’re open to new ideas and interested in trying new things, your team members will be much more likely to suggest novel options. If you only want to stick with the same strategies, no one will voice any new opinions.

With more creative marketers, you’ll be able to push the limits of what you can achieve. If you need help getting started, or if you want more marketing voices on your team, contact Quez Media for a free consultation today!

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