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How to Test a New Landing Page (and Why You Should)

Use these methods to make sure your landing page works and gets conversions.

Developing a landing page is a great way to get more conversions, and drive new traffic to your website. With a landing page, you can create content that specifically caters to a niche audience, and greatly increase your chances of conversion. However, before you take your landing page live, it’s essential that you test it—both for functionality and to make sure it’s converting.

Functional Testing

First, make sure the landing page works as intended. In a test environment, visit the landing page and test various components; for example, is all the content loading as you anticipated? Are your videos playing? Are users able to fill out your contact form, and when they do, are you getting an email notification that they’ve filled it out?

Make sure you’re running these tests in multiple variations. For example, you’ll want to test your landing page using a variety of different browsers and different devices. You don’t want to find out later that certain types of users aren’t able to access your content at all.

AB Testing

You’ll also want to test the design, copy, and layout of your landing page, preferably against similar versions of the landing page with minor tweaks. This concept is known as AB testing; you’ll have an “A” version of your landing page and a “B” version, with two different layouts or design/copy choices. Things like image selection, image placement, headline writing, key benefit descriptions, button colors, and even font choices can have an impact on how well a landing page converts.

Using small selections of your target audience to evaluate which of these landing page variations performs better will help you learn which strategies are most effective. From there, you can run with the superior option, tweak it based on what you learned, or even come up with a third “C” option that capitalizes on the best of A and B.

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