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How to Use Controversy in a Content Marketing Strategy

Controversy can help you improve your brand visibility and reputation.

Many content marketers are afraid of the concept of controversy. Controversy implies negativity, which isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, controversy can help you make your content more visible, and earn even more respect from your audience.

First, understand why controversy works. Controversial content is more unique and eye-catching than boring, placid content that simply goes along with the traditional narrative or usual formula. But more importantly, controversy invites conversation; people will want to discuss your work and share it, even if they disagree with it, which ultimately benefits your organization.

However, to use controversy properly, you’ll need to adhere to a few important principles:

  • Do your research. If you’re going to make a bold claim or pose a unique opinion, you need to be able to back it up. Do your research and cite your evidence; otherwise, you’ll come across as amateurish and non-authoritative. The more facts and data you’re able to cite, the stronger your position will be, and even people who disagree with you will respect what you put together.
  • Explain the other side. It’s also a good idea to explain the “other side,” if there is one. One of the dangers of writing controversial content is that you run the risk of alienating a portion of your audience who shares a different opinion. Giving them a voice and acknowledging their points will prevent this.
  • Be respectful. Similarly, it’s important to be respectful. Challenging a mainstream perspective or floating an unusual idea doesn’t mean putting people down or belittling other ideas; remember to be courteous throughout your work and when following up with other people.
  • Engage in discussions. Ongoing discussions are a good thing for your content, since active posts tend to be more visible across all audiences, so encourage them by getting involved.

If you can do this while still posing a controversial or opinionated topic, your brand will benefit enormously. If you need help planning or executing your content marketing strategy, contact Quez Media today for a free consultation!

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