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What Is Growth Hacking and How Can You Use It?

Growth hacking is an advanced marketing strategy that can help your business grow.

Are you interested in growing your business as quickly as possible?

Growth hacking is the way to do it.

On the surface, growth hacking is just a variant of a traditional marketing strategy. You’ll invest money in brand visibility, improve your reputation, and advertise on a variety of channels to attract more customers.

But there are a handful of differences that make growth hacking unique:

  • Purpose. Traditional marketing can focus on one of a number of main priorities. You might want to increase visibility, improve your reputation, or attract more customers. But in growth hacking, the ultimate priority is always growth: what’s the most efficient way to scale the business quickly?
  • Timing. Speed is everything with growth hacking. You need to start marketing your business as fast as possible and seeing results as fast as possible. Long-term strategies may be useful as part of your suite of tactics, but they can’t be a central feature.
  • Budget. Budget is a secondary consideration when it comes to growth hacking. Growth hacking companies are willing to dump large sums of money into their tactics – as long as they work.
  • Tactics. You can’t be limited by the confines of a single channel. For growth hacking to be effective, you need to leverage many tactics at once, like PPC ads, SEO, social media marketing, cold email outreach, and even referral programs.
  • Experimentation. Growth hacking relies on fast experimentation to succeed. Companies engage in a wide variety of different tactics, using a variety of different channels to see which ones are most effective. They’re quick to discard any approaches that don’t seem to work, while doubling down on the ones that do work.

Together, these distinctive qualities make growth hacking faster, more efficient, and even more powerful. It’s not the right strategy for every business, but it’s especially useful for early-stage startups and businesses with a high propensity for growth.

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