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Where Good Marketing Ideas Come From

Where do the best marketing ideas originate?

The greatest marketing campaigns always seem like they come out of nowhere. There’s an amazing tagline, a memorable hook, or a brand new style of marketing (like guerrilla marketing), and the world won’t stop talking about it. On a smaller scale, millions of companies have seen surges in brand awareness and sales as a result of clever, original ideas.

So where do all those original ideas come from?

Obviously, you can’t force creativity, but if you understand the origins of the best marketing ideas, you can change your approach to increase your likelihood of coming up with great ideas of your own.


First, great marketing campaigns tend to be created by professionals—experts in the field, rather than entrepreneurs taking a stab at DIY marketing. Professionals have more skill, more experience, and more resources with which to come up with ideas.

The Past

Many modern campaigns take inspiration from great campaigns that came before them. They aren’t copying the tactics used by previous generations, but they are learning from them. Look at some amazing historical campaigns, and ask yourself what made these campaigns special.


Similarly, you can take inspiration from your top competitors. Again, you’re not going to copy a competitor’s campaign—instead, you’re going to learn from it. What does this campaign do well? What is it missing? What types of campaigns haven’t you seen yet?


Individuals can have flashes of inspiration, but it often takes a full team to address the strengths and weaknesses of those ideas. Good marketing campaigns frequently come as the result of teamwork and ongoing development.


It’s no coincidence that so many great ideas come after a long shower or an open ride in the car; boredom allows your mind to wander, which is great for creativity. The next time you’re feeling stuck, consider setting aside some time where you aren’t doing anything. Your boredom could help you conjure a novel idea.

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