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Why Isn’t Your Email Marketing Campaign Working?

Email marketing can be highly effective, but it isn’t a guarantee.

They say email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment (ROIs) of any marketing strategy, and for good reason. Not only is email marketing extremely low-cost, it’s also versatile and highly effective at securing conversions.

However, merely adopting an email marketing strategy is certainly no guarantee of success. Most new email marketers find themselves perplexed by underperformance after the first few weeks of development.

These factors tend to be the culprits:

  • Generic messaging. Could your email potentially apply to anyone in the world? While broad appeal may seem like a good thing, it can actively work against you. Generic messaging means failing to stand out, or blending in as white noise; instead, it’s better to speak specifically to one target demographic, and preferably, individuals, based on their habits, preferences, and behaviors.
  • Bad subject lines. Without short, compelling, unique subject lines, your emails aren’t even going to be opened. There are multiple ways your subject lines can go wrong; if they’re too ordinary, repetitive, salesy, or long, they’re instantly going to be trashed. Make sure you write something unique, and suggest potential value for your readers.
  • Poor initial timing. Timing is a little different for every industry, but generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to send an email at 4:45 pm on a Friday. Research your target demographics and peak open times so you can make sure your initial message goes out when it’s most likely to be opened and engaged with.
  • No follow-ups. Most email marketing campaigns reach peak success after several follow-up emails, yet many salespeople and marketers give up after a single message without a response. Make sure your campaign is built around multiple follow-ups, with increasingly valuable offers and differentiated messaging.
  • Too much manual effort. The ROI of your campaign decreases with the amount of effort you need to spend managing it. Accordingly, it’s ideal to have a drip campaign that automates your messages as much as possible.

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