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Why You Need a Content Audit (and How to Perform One)

A content audit can help you revitalize a struggling campaign.

Content marketing is a valuable strategy, but there are right and wrong ways to execute it. If you write the “wrong” kind of content or if you fail to appeal to your target demographics, your campaign won’t be able to take off.

Even if you’re seeing reasonable results from your content marketing campaign, there’s a chance you’re not seeing your full potential; you may be getting a positive ROI, but you’re likely missing out on even greater heights.

The solution to these problems is a full-scale content audit, which forces you to evaluate the current status of your content marketing efforts—and evaluate how you can improve in the future.

The Perks of a Content Audit

There are 3 main advantages in conducting a content audit:

  • ROI knowledge. First, you’ll learn the current return on your investment (ROI), and how you may be able to boost it in the future.
  • Weeding and consolidating. You’ll also discover which types of content are underperforming; you can then get rid of your worst posts and refresh or combine some of your poor performers.
  • Emphasizing strengths. Finally, you’ll be able to identify and analyze your best-performing pieces of content, so you can develop more content like it in the future.

Performing a Content Audit

Conducting a content audit isn’t particularly hard, but you will need to be thorough. High-level, you’ll need to analyze the performance of your current blog posts, evaluate your current goals and needs, and then come up with an action plan for how to change your strategy in the future.

Google Analytics is your best friend here. You’ll be able to measure things like organic traffic, referral traffic, time spent on page, bounce rate, and other metrics for each of your onsite blog posts. You can also measure conversion rates as an indirect way to calculate your ROI. Scrutinize not only your top-level performance, but also the individual performance of each piece of content you produce.

Performing a content audit can be difficult, especially if you’re inexperienced in content marketing. If you’re interested in a free content marketing consultation, contact Quez Media today!

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