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Why Your Logo Should Be Descriptive

What makes a logo descriptive, and why should you care?

You probably already know that your brand’s logo is important. In fact, it’s one of the most important designed elements of your brand. It’s going to define your company, including the values it stands for, and will likely be featured as a centerpiece in many of your marketing and advertising strategies.

There are many ways to optimize your logo for effectiveness. For starters, you’ll need your logo to stand out from the competition; if it looks like everyone else’s logo, people won’t be able to recognize or remember it. Similarly, it needs to be uniquely memorable, so it stands out in the minds of your customers.

But one of the most important elements of your logo is also one of the most neglected: your logo needs to be descriptive.

What Is a Descriptive Logo?

A descriptive logo is one that includes elements that suggest the nature of your business, or what customers can expect from your brand. The easiest way to understand this is to look at two familiar, real logos: Burger King and McDonald’s. The Burger King logo actually includes the words “Burger King,” in red, serving as the meat in a cartoonish suggestion of a hamburger. Even if you’ve never heard of this company before, you should immediately understand that this is a restaurant, and they sell hamburgers there. There’s no question in your mind.

McDonald’s does something different. It has two yellow arches in the shape of an M, and that’s it. We’re all familiar with this logo because of our culture, but if we weren’t, we wouldn’t know this place sells hamburgers, or even that it’s a restaurant.

Why Descriptive Logos Matter

Research shows that descriptive logos outperform nondescriptive logos in almost every category. They’re more recognizable, they’re more memorable, customers like them more, and they drive customers to spend more. If you’re a new company that can’t bank on existing customer familiarity, descriptiveness is an absolute must.

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