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The Power of Paper Reading

As a consumer, you’ve already read millions of words on digital screens instead of paper. From news sites to ebooks, the world seems to be gradually transitioning to a digital dependence and more readers are growing up and adapting to reading exclusively in a digital medium. The print industry warns against this transition for a few obvious reasons, but as a business owner you’re likely wondering whether printed ads and collateral will still be necessary in a few years.

If you’re looking for a short answer, this is it: paper reading is objectively better than digital reading, and while it may fall out of style, it will never be fully replaced.

Reading Speed

Studies show that reading speed increases dramatically by shifting from screen to paper. Your eyes are better adapted to viewing something tangible, and the backlighting of many digital devices can interfere with our natural comprehensive ability. Reading on paper is proven to be faster and more comprehensive than reading on a screen. Period.

Reading Retention

In addition to simply getting through and understanding the material, there is scientific evidence to suggest that paper reading allows readers to remember information longer and more thoroughly than digital reading can. Essentially, when you want someone to remember something, paper is always a better option than digital formats.

Critical Thinking 

Having paper in front of you allows you greater mental flexibility, especially if you like to mark up pages with highlights and notes. But no matter what, reading on paper tends to spark creativity and problem solving skills far more than reading digitally.

The world may be moving toward a trend of favoring digital text more than printed text, but that doesn’t override printed text’s natural advantages. Keep printed materials in your marketing arsenal, and you’ll benefit from improved reading speed and reading retention in your target audience.

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