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Why Printed Ads Are Still Relevant in the Age of Digital Marketing

Despite the older, more traditional nature, printed ads are still a relevant and viable strategy.

For decades, printed advertisements like brochures, magazine ads, and flyers were some of the most effective marketing and advertising strategies around. But when online marketing became more popular, people started believing the strategy would fade into obsolescence. Despite that prediction, printed ads remain alive and well, and in some cases, stronger than ever.

So why, despite the high ROI of digital marketing strategies, is this the case?

  • Lower costs. For starters, the presence of online printers has made printing more cost effective than ever before. If you know where to look, you can find a bulk printer online where you can customize your materials and print an entire batch of ads for pennies per copy. Lower costs with the same amount of generated revenue means a higher overall ROI.
  • Audience targeting. The majority of people in the modern world have an internet connection and make use of it regularly, but there are still demographics that deliberately avoid the internet, or at least prefer printed materials. Using printed advertising allows you to target those demographics.
  • Creative applications. There are some things you can do with a printed ad that you can’t do as easily or effectively online. For example, you can make use of folds or multiple pages with cutouts to create a unique, interactive advertising experience. You could also apply scents to the pages, or print using specific materials.
  • Overall engagement. When looking at printed ads, people apply their attention differently. They’re more likely to actually read the words on the page, retain that information, and engage with the brand presenting the information.

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