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The 3 Fundamental Branches of SEO

It’s easier to understand SEO when you break it down to the fundamentals.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can seem complicated to newcomers, but it’s not as challenging as it first appears. It’s true that there are literally hundreds of variables that can factor into your search rankings, but that doesn’t mean the strategy is entirely unapproachable.

It’s better to think of it as manifesting in three main areas, so you can narrow your focus and organize your tactics:

  1. Technical onsite SEO. Technical onsite SEO is all about making sure your site complies with Google’s standards for websites, and is able to be seen by web crawlers that index your site. This includes things like ensuring your robots.txt file is accurate, optimizing your pages with title tags and meta tags, and ensuring proper indexation.
  2. Ongoing onsite content. Next up is the ongoing onsite content portion of SEO. This is important for introducing new pages to your site, optimizing for new keywords, and of course, building your authority. You’ll need to write at least one new post a week, but don’t focus on quantity; quality is much more important.
  3. Offsite content and link building. Finally, you’ll need to develop content for offsite publishers, preferably those of high authority. You’ll build links pointing back to your domain, which will increase your authority and make it easier to rank higher.

When you separate your SEO strategy into these fundamental branches, you’ll have an easier time developing the tactics that will ultimately make you successful. If you’re looking for more strategies or tips, be sure to contact the SEO experts at Quez Media today!

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