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6 Factors That Make a Page Ideal for Link Building

Link building requires attention to the quality of your internal pages.

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires link building; through link building, you can increase the perceived trustworthiness of your individual pages, and your domain overall. But Google is cautious when it comes to evaluating links. If you want your links to stick, and pass authority consistently, you have to make sure you’re building them the correct way.

Part of your responsibility here is on the side of actual link building; you’ll need to choose the right publisher, write the best offsite content, and so on. But you also need to think about the pages you’re linking to.

Ideally, the pages you’re linking to should all exhibit most (if not all) of these factors:

  1. Uniqueness. First, all your pages should be unique. There shouldn’t be an abundance of pages like this on the web, and you shouldn’t be linking to the same page of your site over and over again.
  2. Lengthy content. If your webpage only has a couple of sentences, visitors aren’t going to have a reason to stick around, and Google won’t look on your page favorably. Make sure you include at least a few hundred words of content.
  3. Well-written content. That content should also be skillfully written, with no major spelling or semantic errors.
  4. Relevance to the link. The core content of your page also needs to be relevant to the link you’ve built. If users click the link expecting one thing and find something totally different, they’re going to bounce—which is bad for your long-term authority.
  5. A specific fact or statistic. Additionally, it helps if your content has some kind of referenceable fact or statistic. The more specific and the more unique it is, the better.
  6. A call to action (CTA). This is kind of a bonus, but it’s worth considering. If you earn a stream of content for this page, there should be a CTA to convert those visitors.

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