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Does It Pay to Be Aggressive in SEO?

An aggressive SEO strategy might pay off, but there are costs to keep in mind.

In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), there are a variety of factors you’ll need to keep in mind at any given time. You’ll need to pay attention to onsite technical optimization, onsite content, link building, and more—all while carefully balancing your budget.

Some people try to be aggressive in their strategy, investing lots of time and effort and trying to conquer their biggest competitors. But does aggression pay off?

What Is an Aggressive SEO Strategy?

An SEO strategy can be characterized as aggressive in one (or more) of several ways, including:

  • High spending. Aggressive SEO campaigns tend to have big budgets; they’re interested in dumping large sums of money into the strategy.
  • Fast growth. Part of the motivation here is to grow as quickly as possible, getting the links and content necessary to reach rank one ASAP.
  • Competitive targeting. Aggressive strategies also force a business to compete with major players in the industry, often targeting highly valuable keywords and phrases.

Collectively, these approaches can help you get amazing results fast.

The Costs of an Aggressive SEO Strategy

There are several weaknesses to aggressive SEO strategies, however, including:

  • Exhausted budgets. What happens if you run out of money before you secure a steady stream of income from your organic search traffic? SEO is a long-term strategy, so if you’re too aggressive, you won’t be able to see it develop to its full potential.
  • Failed attempts to reach rank one. Getting to rank one for a competitive term may have a huge payoff, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get there. You don’t want to spend heavily with no results to show for it.
  • Poorly planned campaigns. Overly aggressive newcomers to SEO are often working with limited data and limited experience. This is a recipe for disaster, ultimately resulting in poorly strategized campaigns.

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