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How to Increase ROI in an SEO Strategy

There are several ways to increase the ROI of your SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular online marketing strategy in part because of its high potential for return on investment, or ROI. ROI refers to the amount of revenue generated by a strategy in excess of the costs required by it; in other words, the higher the ROI is, the more successful the strategy can be said to be, and the more revenue you’ll earn for each dollar you spend.

But within the spectrum of SEO strategies, there are high-ROI and low-ROI possibilities. If you’re interested in getting the highest potential value for your SEO work, these are the strategies that will help you do it:

  • Reduce your spending (carefully). First, you can reduce your total spending on SEO, but be careful here. If you work with a cheap provider, or if you don’t invest enough time or money in SEO, you won’t get the resources you need to build your domain authority and ranking potential.
  • Focus on higher-value keywords. Rank one positions aren’t all the same. Some keywords will provide you more traffic than others, and some keywords will provide you more relevant, revenue-generating traffic than others. On top of that, some keywords are more competitive, meaning they’ll cost more in time and resources if you want to rank for them. Choose better keywords and your ROI will naturally improve.
  • Build quality links. When you first learn that link building increases your authority, you’re tempted to build as many links as possible, as quickly as possible. But this is inefficient. Generally speaking, it’s much better to build one high-quality link than it is to build several low-quality links.
  • Adapt. Finally, learn to adapt. Your first instincts and best guesses won’t hold much water; instead, it’s important to measure the actual outcomes of your strategies and adjust them as you gain more information.

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