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Is It Too Late to Start an SEO Campaign?

You might feel like it’s too late to start an SEO campaign, but is it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has almost completely changed the way we think about online marketing over the past decade or so. There are now millions of businesses using SEO to generate more organic traffic, referral traffic, and brand visibility. It’s certainly exciting to think about getting these beneficial results, but if you’ve never used SEO before, you might feel like it’s too late to get involved.  

Why It’s Never Too Late

These are some of the main reasons people think it’s too late to get started with SEO:

  • Competition. First, there’s the competition factor. There are dozens of businesses like yours that have been building their domain authority and search engine rankings for years, so it stands to reason you’d have a hard time standing up to them directly. But there are tons of ways you can compete indirectly, such as by targeting a different demographic, or working with very niche content. You can also beat the competition by stepping up your budget and investing more than they do. No matter what, there’s always an option.
  • Complexity. SEO has gotten more complex over the years, at least in some ways. If you aren’t familiar with the basics, it can be overwhelming to hear about all the updates and new factors that SEOs keep in mind when planning campaigns. However, you should also know that SEO has gotten simpler over the years in some ways; there are more tools than ever before, and Google’s qualitative evaluations are far less technical than they used to be.
  • SEO lifespan. You might also wonder whether SEO is a fad that’s on its way out. But if anything, SEO is only becoming more relevant. Search is becoming a bigger and more important feature in daily life, and there are more and more ways to optimize for search thanks to new technologies. You can expect SEO to last for many years to come.

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