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The 3 Main Elements of a Successful SEO Strategy

If you want to succeed in SEO, you need to pay attention to these broad categories of factors.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has grown to become one of the most popular online marketing strategies in the world over the past 20 years, and for good reason. People turn to search engines for everything, from basic information to purchasing options, and if your business ranks higher than your competitors in these common searches, you’ll stand to gain much more business.

But many modern businesses are reluctant to begin an SEO campaign because SEO is, admittedly, complex—and not the most welcoming to newcomers. However, when you zoom out, the fundamentals of SEO are easy even for a novice to understand.

Most tactics you use in an SEO campaign will belong to one of three main categories:

  1. Onsite SEO and technical SEO. First, you’ll need to make some technical changes to your website. Your site, and all the pages included in it, needs to be discoverable by search engines and fully functional for users. You’ll need to clean up your backend code, improve your site speed, and tweak the copy of your main pages to succeed here.
  2. Onsite content. It’s also important to write and publish regular onsite content. Not only will this help you optimize for more keywords and phrases, you’ll also be generating linkable assets you can use to attract or build more links to your site.
  3. Offsite content and link building. Google and other search engines measure the trustworthiness of each site and each page in terms of “authority” to figure out how to rank them. You can earn more authority by building more links (and more powerful links). The best way to do this is by developing well-written offsite articles that include links back to your strong onsite posts.

Master these three elements of SEO, and your business can climb to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). For more information and a free analysis of your current site, contact us at Quez Media today!

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