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The 5 Reasons to Build Inbound Links to Your Blog

There are many good reasons to build inbound links to your blog.

Link building is one of the most useful digital marketing strategies, especially if you have a solid blog full of onsite content. The basic idea is simple; you’ll use high-quality offsite content to cite your most valuable onsite materials. Over time, you’ll earn more and more links, increasing in value as you reach more authoritative publishers.

But why is this strategy so valuable?

It’s because of the many different benefits you’ll receive simultaneously:

  1. Referral traffic. Links are meant to get people from one page on the web to another. If you build a link to your content in a way that makes it sound valuable or appealing, people are going to click that link. This is going to create a stream of referral traffic—visitors interested in your content—which can result in more revenue if you have solid CTAs.
  2. Domain authority. Google ranks sites in part according to their authoritativeness. It measures authority based on the number and quality of links pointing to your site. In other words, the more links you earn, and the more valuable those links are, the more authority your site will have—and the higher it will rank in searches.
  3. Page authority. Links to specific pages will also pass page-level authority, giving you the potential to support a specific page or piece of content you’d particularly like to emphasize.
  4. Brand visibility. Merely mentioning your website, or a piece of original research from your brand, can improve your brand visibility overall. This effect increases with the value of the publishers you’re using.
  5. Secondary citations. Citing a specific fact or statistic on a high-profile offsite article will increase the likelihood of other writers citing your work. In other words, it increases your chances of earning even more links—including ones you don’t have to work for!

If you’re interested in building more links to your blog, writing better content, or improving your digital marketing strategy overall, contact Quez Media today!

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