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What Does a Webpage Need to Be Optimized for Search?

SEO requires you to spend time optimizing all your webpages.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about making changes to your webpages to make sure they rank higher and/or become more visible in online searches. You’ll work both at the domain level and the individual page level to be successful. So what features does a webpage need to be considered “optimized” for search?

To start, you’ll need the following:

  • Crawlability. Google and other search engines use bots to “crawl” the web and discover and index new content. If your site isn’t crawlable, it will be effectively invisible to these bots. Fortunately, standard webpages are discoverable by default, so you just have to make sure you aren’t actively blocking this traffic.
  • A keyword focused title. Ideally, you’ll have specific keywords to focus on. These keywords should be prominent in the meta title of your page. This is also going to serve as the headline in your entry within SERPs.
  • A keyword focused description. These keywords should also be present in the meta description of your page. This is also going to serve as the description in your entry within SERPs.
  • Ample body content. You’ll need several hundred words of written content to be sufficiently optimized for search. Don’t stuff your target keywords into this body content, but do try to work them in naturally.
  • Mobile optimization. Google strongly favors sites that are mobile optimized, so make sure your page works well on mobile devices. All your text and content should be viewable, and you should load as quickly as possible on mobile devices.
  • Fast loading speed. Speaking of loading speed, your page should load within a second, maybe two, on most devices. Otherwise, it could fall in rankings.
  • Inbound links. Inbound links from external sites will boost your domain-level and page-level authority, increasing your likelihood of ranking. Internal links can also be beneficial. You’ll need strong, high-quality, natural links to succeed in this area.

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