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What’s the Point of Link Building?

Link building gets a lot of attention, but why is it so valuable?

If you’ve spent any time in the digital marketing world, you’ve likely heard of link building. The idea behind the strategy is simple; place and earn links that point to preferred pages on your website.

But the execution is usually much more complicated. You’ll need to think carefully about dozens of variables to launch an effective strategy, including the authority of your target websites, the frequency and timing of your link building, and your long-term scaling prospects. If you hire someone to do it on your behalf, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

So what’s the point? Why spend all this time and money on such a simple strategy?

Link Building and SEO

For starters, link building is a critical part of any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. When Google selects webpages to rank, it preferentially chooses pages and sites with high “authority,” or trustworthiness. While you can increase your authority by writing great content and ensuring the functionality of your site, the only real way to reliably increase your authority over time is to earn links.

The more links you have pointing to you, and the more authoritative the sources of those links are, the more authority you’ll gain – which will make it much easier to rank for your target keywords.

Other Link Building Benefits

Link building isn’t just about SEO, however. It also comes with a number of other benefits. Building links is a great way to increase your brand visibility, since you’ll often get to mention your company’s name in the link. It also lends itself to content promotion, helping you increase the visibility and traffic of your top content pages. And on top of that, each link you build has the capacity to generate referral traffic, sent directly to your site; when you build links on high-authority publishers, this can amount to thousands of new visitors every month.

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