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Why It Feels Like You Aren’t Making Any SEO Progress

Why does it seem like your SEO strategy isn’t working?

After a few weeks or a few months of effort on your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, it might feel like you haven’t made any progress. You aren’t seeing a surge in traffic or major progress in your rankings, or everything seems like it’s just status quo.

Why is this the case? There are a few different possibilities.

You Haven’t Given It Enough Time

First, consider how long you’ve spent developing the campaign. SEO is a long-term strategy, and one that takes several months to truly develop. If you’ve only been trying it for a few weeks, it might simply be that you haven’t given the strategy enough time.

You Aren’t Investing Enough

You might also not be investing enough. If you’re only writing one new blog post a week, or you’re only building a few new links per month, you might not be investing enough to gain real traction. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

You Aren’t Measuring the Right Things

It could be that you aren’t defining “progress” in the right way. For example, if you’re basing your progress solely on ranking increases, you might be neglecting massive traffic gains, or vice versa. SEO has a number of benefits, and you’ll have to consider all of them for a true picture of your progress.

You Aren’t Targeting the Right Things

Targeting the wrong keywords or wrong goals can also be problematic. If you seek ranking increases on heavily competitive keywords, you might see disappointing results. You’ll need to consider search volume and competition carefully when mapping out your strategy, and update those targets as you gain more information.

Your Strategy Is Imbalanced

Finally, your strategy may be imbalanced. If you’re investing too heavily in content with no effort in improving your offsite links, or if you’re only focusing on links with no onsite content, you’re not going to see impressive results.

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