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The 3 Most Important Technical Factors for SEO

These technical factors for SEO are vital to your success.

In search engine optimization (SEO), your success depends on your adherence to a number of different strategies and tactics, including onsite content development, regular blogging, and offsite link building. But one of the biggest factors for success is technical SEO—the process of optimizing the backend code and functionality of your site for SEO purposes.

Technical SEO is a complex field, with hundreds of variables to consider. But we can start by studying three of the most important:

  1. Site accessibility. Accessibility is admittedly a broad category, with many nuances, but the principle is simple; both search engine crawlers and human beings should be able to access all the content on your site. You’ll need to make sure your site is coded efficiently, and that it’s visible to crawlers; you’ll also want to make sure all your content (including images and videos) can load for all devices and all browsers. If anything is off limits, it’s a problem for SEO.
  2. Site speed. You’ll also need to consider site speed. The faster your site functions, the more SEO benefits you’ll receive. And as an added bonus, a faster site will lead to higher site visitor retention—and potentially more conversions. You can optimize for site speed by using a good caching plugin, coding the site efficiently, reducing the size of your images, and reducing the number of unnecessary plugins and unused content on your site.
  3. Site security. Finally, there’s site security to consider. Thankfully, this element isn’t nearly as technically complex or time consuming as the others. In most cases, you’ll need to purchase an SSL certificate for your site, which you can do on your domain registrar. Beyond that, you’ll need to engage in basic security best practices.

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