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The Most Common Mistake in Higher Education Marketing


Higher education marketers often overlook this one essential step in developing a marketing strategy, compromising the results of their campaign.

It’s natural for higher education marketing strategists to look for simple, easy ways to generate new leads and get information on possibly interested new students. But in an effort to generate mass appeal, many higher education marketers end up making a critical mistake that diminishes their ultimate return.

Whether you’re using digital based strategies like SEO, social media marketing, and PPC, or traditional avenues like direct mail and billboards, you’re going to need to follow a similar general marketing campaign structure. And unfortunately, many colleges and universities overlook one simple strategy that could dramatically improve the results of their campaign.

The most common mistake made in higher education marketing is not tracking the results of a marketing campaign. It seems like a simple and intuitive step, but many colleges and universities skip over it to save a bit of time, a bit of money, or simply because they feel it isn’t worth it. Unfortunately, the marketing programs of these institutions generally suffer as a result.

Measuring the results of your marketing campaigns can help you:

·  Learn more about your target demographics

·  Provide accurate comparisons for the different marketing avenues you use

·  Help you determine your bottom line ROI

·  Most importantly, guide you in making adjustments for future campaigns

The more information you’re able to gather about your higher education marketing strategies, the better equipped you’ll be to be more successful in the future. Running a marketing campaign without measuring its impact is like jogging blindfolded, but still many colleges and universities suffer from that critical mistake.

If you need more information about higher education marketing campaign analytics, or just need some general advice, don’t hesitate to contact us at Quez Media.

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