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Top 10 Branding Strategies for Higher Education Marketing


Finding a branding strategy that works can mean the difference between a successful recruitment campaign and a total low-ROI failure. Branding focuses on establishing and circulating the perception of your college and its programs, marketing your unique value to your target audience. With these top 10 branding strategies, you can find a perfect way to brand your higher education facility.

Research, Research, Research

Never create a branding strategy before you’ve done the preliminary research. See what others are doing and what’s worked for them.

Master Your Logo

Your logo should reflect your status as a university. Create or reimagine your logo so it conveys your authority and the most desirable aspects of your programs, and use it every chance you get. Hire a professional designer if possible.

Develop Your Voice 

Consider the voice you want to have—is it formal or informal? Entertaining or informative?

Use a Great Tagline

Make a tagline for each program your school offers, and use them consistently.

Become Familiar With Your Audience

Develop your higher education brand based on who you’re going to try and recruit. Think about the age, race, gender, and social background of your potential new students.

Promise AND Deliver

Make some bold promises throughout your branding materials, but make sure you back them up with actual results.


Some of the most successful higher education marketing programs in the world are based around unembellished fundamentals.

Maintain Solid Documentation

You need to keep a full set of brand guidelines that include templates for your marketing materials as well as formal rules to ensure a consistent look and feel. Make sure everyone in the college follows them.

Step Away from Clichés

Don’t rehash someone else’s campaign. Create something new and original, not a combination of tired taglines and buzzwords.

Don’t Fall to Inconsistency

No matter what kind of collateral or mediums are involved in your higher education marketing strategy, you need to keep your brand 100 percent consistent. Any inconsistencies are going to compromise your entire campaign.

It takes time to develop a strong higher education marketing campaign, so don’t rush it, and get some outside advice whenever possible.  

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