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Trial and Error in Marketing for Manufacturers


We’ve come a long way, examining the core strategies that will lead your manufacturing facility to more leads and more conversions in this digital age. But there’s one hard truth to cover before we can go any further: none of this will work immediately.

No company is profitable from day one, and no digital marketing strategy will return on your investment immediately. You’re going to spend time and money, and you’re going to make mistakes. But don’t take those obstacles as an indication that the strategy isn’t working or that you’re doing something wrong. Those obstacles are going to be the mortar you use to build a stronger foundation. Once that foundation is in place, you’ll start seeing the true value of these interconnected strategies: a consistently expanding, long-term return in the form of new leads and loyal customers.

It’s going to be an evolving process, at least for the first few months as you figure out what works best for your company and your customers. On the SEO side, it will take some time to see what keywords are showing signs of momentum and which ones are falling flat. With content marketing, it will take time to determine which types of posts are most popular with your audience. In a PPC campaign, you won’t know what kinds of clicks and conversions you’ll get until you have it going for a month or two.

All these campaigns share an adjustability that is centrally significant to their ultimate performance. Only by analyzing the data and making gradual improvements will you be able to reap the full rewards of these synergistic channels.

If you’re ready to get started with a network of campaigns like this, go into it with an open mind and a patience focused on achieving long-term results—not immediate ROI.


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