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Why Marketing Agencies Get Better Results Than In-House Teams

Marketing agencies tend to outperform in-house teams, but why?

Large businesses tend to rely on in-house teams to handle their marketing and advertising campaigns, and depending on who you hire, you can see great results this way. However, businesses that rely on an external marketing agency for the majority of their needs end up seeing better results—in other words, they see a higher return on their investment (ROI).

But why is this the case?

  • Cost. First, marketing agencies tend to cost less than their full-time, in-house counterparts. You’ll be stuck paying a full-time salary, plus benefits, for each member of your team, but if you work with an agency, you’ll pay a flat monthly rate for the work. In general, you’ll end up spending less money for campaigns that see equal bottom-line results, which means you’ll see a higher ROI.
  • Expertise. When you make full-time marketing hires, you usually aim for generalists who have moderate skills in each of several areas. But marketing firms tend to hire specialists, who are exceptionally skilled in one or more niches. Specialists always outperform generalists in their chosen fields, but it’s too expensive to hire a fleet of your own specialists; marketing agencies allow you to draw on their power without the extra spending.
  • Accountability. Full-time marketing hires do feel the pressure to perform, but that pressure is higher for a marketing agency. Agencies feel constant pressure from competition, and know that all it takes is one bad campaign or one bad strategic choice to cause their client to look for a new provider. That incentive keeps them working hard and holding themselves accountable for their results.
  • Adaptability. Again, marketing agencies face much more competition than in-house, full-time team members. They’re forced to stay up-to-date on the latest standards, the newest communication platforms, and the most innovative marketing and advertising strategies to emerge. That means your agency-driven campaigns will be much more adaptable and in line with modern views.

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